“Women’s are born with their rights”

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook & I saw a video of bunch of females enjoying their freedom & riding there Scottie in burkhas, there were comments below and one comment was caught of a male and he says that ‘feminist things are stupid’. There is only one question to all the males what is not stupid according to you people?
Sleeping with you is not stupid, completing your demands is not stupid or trusting you jerks is not stupid.
When it comes to female why do everyone starts discriminating. (According to me I can’t see this world on top without women’s.) but still she goes through these taunts. ‘Don’t laugh a loud girls don’t laugh much *They cries a river inside*. Don’t talk to him a girls who talk to man’s are taken as random (Chalu larki). Don’t wear short clothes or jeans you will be known as a spoiled child. Don’t go out with boys you will be known as a Slut!
What’s wrong with this world I can see the educated ones doing this stuff why should a female stop can’t males change their minds which is just filled with small thinking.
If in case you people have forgotten let me tell you we females are not here for our embarrassment, rapes, discrimination, abusement or any other act.
A female has given birth to you protected you then how can you just take all the rights away from a women.

-Tasneem Halai

“life changes if you believe in it”

img_20161205_161835Our life is really not in our hand sometimes, and that’s totally okay if it doesn’t turned out as we expected it to be but then ‘YES’ it does turned out more than what we expect it to be.
It’s fine if tones of people hate you because you didn’t step up according to their level. Just because you wanted more every time, You wanted to try more and learn more without thinking about the worst in the end.
Amazing! Yes it will turned out amazing because you didn’t went for money, lust not even for the love. Your heart will beat for the heart which will be connected to you.

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Hard work speaks.


Early morning at 7 am I just couldn’t stop my self because the chilling wind was making me feel lost in deep thoughts. I could not exactly make an end to those abrupt cerebration. Then I rushed to call my cousin brother and requested him to take me at the sea side. His generosity was commendable and he came instantly to feel the cool breeze of the sea with me. We reached there in about 30 minutes. The view was so beautiful. I felt the cool breeze embracing me and the tiny droplets kissing my cheeks. The calm sea was glittery when the golden coin reflected on the blue sea. I was so delightful to observe the luxuriant mood and in no time I saw something which made my deep thoughts even deeper.

I saw an old man standing with a camel. The rush of muscular activities performed in the cerebellum were making me extremely emotional and the sensitiveness towards the man can literally not be described. I just could recall a a poem by T.H Palmer who kept on repeating TRY AGAIN “IF YOU FIND YOUR TASK IS HARD, TRY AGAIN. TIME WILL BRING YOU YOUR REWARD, TRY AGAIN. ALL THAT OTHER FOLKS CAN DO, WHY? WITH PATIENCE MAY NOT YOU? ONLY KEEP THIS RULE IN VIEW… TRY AGAIN”

It has been very well known, “Hard work is a key to success.” But when I saw a man walking at sea side having a conversation this his darling camel. Which really amazed me for sure. That was the perfect moment I wanted to capture but then I realized that I am not able to capture the love and feeling of that old man for his Camel. But no worries if eye can not capture heart has all read captured it. Its was extremely touchy for me. When you start spending time with a living thing you really get emotionally attached with it. Tho that camel could not answer him or solve his problems but I guess when that Camel was making noise that would have really made him feel like someone is their to hear him as well.

I went there and asked him, “UNCLE EK SAWARI KE KITNA LO GEY ?” And he replied “BETA SHUBA KA WAQT HAI BS BISMILLAH KARWA DO.” with a smile on his face. I sat on a camel and the camel was obeying as his mater was saying. I had a around about fifteen minutes it wasn’t that crowed. As it was early morning and the nature by Allah had all ready filled my heart with the joy and as I am an insane person about the nature I was going mad looking the scenario around me.

When I get off the Camel I payed hundred rupees and started walking towards my cousin brother and suddenly the old man shouted “BETA BAAT SUNO.” I turned around and he was giving me twenty rupees back and I took that smiling at him. I turned back and started walking but the muscular activities were performing in my head and there was a thought that the old man is here since the sun took his first move toward the earth and was company-ed by the “DARLING CAMEL”. He sat us on his darling camel and walked with us on the silky brown sand with rocks and other stuff which can hurt but we was happy because of the love and respect from his pet and even by the happy faces of people when he allow them to sit on his pet. He wasn’t wear a pair of shoes but he was wearing SMILE on his face.

Is it just about HARD WORK? Then the answer to it is “NO”. Its just not about the hard work its all so about the the respect and love he gets from his pet as well as the happy faces of people when he allows them to sit on his pet. He is working because it makes him happy and company-ed but his pet. Today in my dairy I am going to rephrase it by “JOY IN YOUR PROFESSION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS” because I think that if something makes you happy you can get all your heart in it. Self question! Does your work make you smile once in an entire day? I hope that your answer would be YES and if its NO then whats the use of it because today or tomorrow you will get a call from Allah and that day you will be having regrets for not enjoying your life because you were to busy doing things which didn’t even make you happy so just TRY AGAIN and get some work which makes you happy.

During all this muscular activities performing in my head I got poked by my cousin brother and he was staring at me like I have done something wrong. Even I stared staring at him and he was like have you losted! We are getting late can we leave now? I replied  OHH! Yeah sure with my Colgate smile.


Written by : Tasneem Halai.